Archival of Important Documents and Data

An important part of future research is having access to past research. Current researchers often need to have access to not only the papers produced by previous researchers but also to their records, communications, and data related to their published works. As the previous generation of researhers get older, they often leave behind the basis for their research in books, filing cabinets, computers, videos, CDs, and other forms of records and data. One of the purposes of is to collect this material in a central location and ficilitate its sorting and categoization to make it available to current researchers. This is a very large task and will require individuals dediated to the sorting and categorization process, as well as large sums of money to purchase the facilities that will be required for this work. If you are led to help in this huge process, either with your time or financial donations, please contact either Bob Rucker (home 509-375-4770, cell 509-628-6894) or Mark Antonacci (cell 314-704-0537). Checks are to be made out to Test the Shroud Foundation, and are deductible from federal taxes.