Robert A. Rucker, MS, PE, PE

Robert A. Rucker (Bob) earned BS and MS degrees in nuclear engineering from the University of Michigan, and obtained Professional Engineering (PE) certificates in nuclear engineering and in mechanical engineering.  He worked for 38 years in the nuclear industry performing nuclear analysis computer calculations for design of advanced nuclear reactors, criticality safety calculations for nuclear fuel production and storage, and statistical analysis of measurement data.  He published 41 documents with US Government agencies.  He has been researching the Shroud of Turin since 2013 including application of MCNP nuclear analysis computer calculations to solve the carbon dating problem for the Shroud.  He organized a four-day international conference on the Shroud in 2017.  His many papers on the Shroud are available on the research page of his website  External link opens in new tab or window  His videos are on External link opens in new tab or window